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Film Score: Uncario

Short film by Didier Konings with original music by Sebastien Romero
"Working on Uncario was an awesome experience, I had to move out of my comfort zone and use more ambient synth sounds to go along with the solitary space atmosphere. The film team knocked it out of the park with this film and I'm happy to be part of this work of art"



Choir piece: Gojira Overture

Piece for choir, cello,organ & electronics  written by Sebastien Romero, performed by the Neon Choir in 2018.
"This is an original take on the famous, Godzilla story. I wrote a version which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where Gojira is beeing seen as a saviour by church/cult. In this fragment we see the the cult chanting for his arrival and mourning their actions after he destroyed everything and everyone they loved"



Short Film: Requiem

Surreal short film created and scored by Sebastien with an acting performance by Tarek Rammo.
"This was a very big project that took over two years to make because I was only able to film during non-cloudy days and the weather here is very unpredictable. Doing all the editing, music and sound design took a big chunk of time as well, it was an excellent test of  perseverance."

Nintendo Switch Game Trailer: Xenon Racer

Music and Sound Design by Sebastien Romero (2019).
"For this project I had to get out of my comfort zone completely. creating drum & bass was something I always wanted to do but never did as I was always more an acoustical composer by nature, so to do it for the first time for such a big project was a big step, luckily I had done many trailers before so that made things easier." 



Intro Sequence: Chimera

VFX Showcase by Guido Ekker with Music & Sound-Design by Sebastien Romero (2014)

"This was a pretty cool assignement in which I could use my love for trip-hop to enhance the visuals. I was inspired by bands such as Massive Attack & Morphine."

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